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The Herald would like to thank all of those who made it out to Commencement 2011

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Since 1891 is the home for alumni and friends of The Brown Daily Herald.  Here, you can find out about the history of The Herald, discover what's going on at The Herald today, reconnect with other alumni and find out about several major initiatives for the newspaper's future, the Digitization Project and the Financial Aid Initiative.

The Brown Daily Herald is an entirely student-run newspaper and the definitive record of the Brown University experience, publishing daily since 1891. The Herald is an independent, 501(c) not-for-profit corporation, and has been financially independent from Brown since 1975. Learn more about daily operations here and read the paper online at www.browndailyherald.com.  You can also subscribe to a daily email of the paper's main content here.

Friends and alumni of The Brown Daily Herald, get access to special members features by creating an account. Since 1891 is designed to be a place where former Herald staffers can network, post on communal message boards, search a members-only directory and read the Herald members e-newsletter. 

Two revolutionary projects are currently underway at The Brown Daily Herald. The Digitization Project will make nearly 120 years of The Herald's paper archive available and fully searchable online . The Financial Aid Initiative will allow us to attract the best students to Brown's newspaper of record regardless of their financial situation.

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