125th Anniversary Campaign

Preserving the past, building the future

This year, The Herald turns 125. For 125 years, The Herald has produced thoroughly reported, diligently researched, and passionately investigated journalism to educate and inform members of the Brown community. The 125th Anniversary campaign will allow us to finish digitizing our complete set of bound volumes, making The Herald’s history accessible to everyone, online, for free. We will also endow our financial aid program for the next 25 years, which will make college journalism accessible for all Brown students, including those with financial need. Help us make these initiatives possible by supporting The Herald! Thank you! Your gift to The Herald makes our coverage possible.

We are able to accept tax-deductible pledges or gifts by check or credit cards. The 125th Anniversary Campaign ends December 31, 2016.



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For 125 years, The Herald has served as the paper of record for Brown University, covering student life, athletics, and administrative changes. Now, The Herald seeks to make its archives and Brown's rich history accessible to scholars and alums alike. 

Launched in 2008, The Herald's effort to digitize its archives remains incomplete: 40 years of The Herald and Brown's history are trapped in bound volumes. Help us bring The Herald into the 21st century and make all of Brown's history available to everyone online for free! 

Financial Aid

Started in 2005, The Herald's financial assistance program awards semesterly stipends to Herald staffers based on financial need. In recent years, the program has supported approximately 5 to 10 students per semester with grants of several hundred up to a thousand dollars. Many of The Herald's staff members have to make tough choices about how much they can devote due to financial considerations. Help us make college journalism accessible to all Brown's students. The financial assistance program seeks to ease or eliminate the financial burden on student staffers who otherwise would work part-time jobs.

"This program helps students realize their dreams of becoming professional journalists, no matter their financial situation."
— Stu Woo '08.5, Senior Editor
"The Herald's Financial Assistance Program allowed me to embark on one of the greatest learning experiences of my life."
— Chris Hatfield '06, Executive Editor
"Without this program, I wouldn't have been able to participate in the most formative part of my time at Brown. I can't thank the alums who support this program enough."
— Emma Jerzyk '17, Editor-in-Chief
"The Herald Financial Assistance Program made a huge difference in my ability to spend more time pursuing my passion for reporting and less time worrying about finances."
— Tonya Riley '15, News Editor

Thanks to outside support the program has grown, and this semester it is supporting a record 12 students. With this campaign, The Herald aims to support a larger proportion of its staff with financial aid to ensure that no Herald staffer will need more than a few hours per week of paid employment to receive the equivalent of the full work-study allotment. This would allow staffers to invest another 65 hours per semester in their work at The Herald. That can make the difference between a staffer becoming a Senior Staff Writer and not moving up through the ranks.